Shopify x HiTRUSTpay

HiTRUST is the first official designated partner of Shopify in Taiwan, and now also available in Hong Kong.

With diverse and complete payment methods, we are definitely the best partner for you to select on Shopify

Support various payment methods, including ApplePay, GooglePay, Samsung Pay, Atome, and general credit cards. Checkout with no sweat!

Shopify x HiTRUSTpayservice introduction

Complete product functions

Popular payments in hand

ApplePay, GooglePay, Samsung Pay, and Atome make online checkout easy and convenient

Support a variety of cards

Support Visa, Mastercard, JCB, UnionPay, or American Express (AE) cards, you don't have to worry about the card cannot be swiped

Mainstream currency support

Support transactions in Taiwanese and US dollars, domestic and foreign customers are both your target customers

Electronic Invoice Integration

Shopify invoices can be issued with one click as it combined with Cetustek, supports automatic invoicing and manual modification, giving you full flexibility

Easily complete the opening

No technical backgroud required

After applying, wait for the HiTRUST setting to be completed, and enter StoreID and HashKey to complete the connection

Completed backend integration

All transactions are clearly displayed in the background of HiTRUSTpay, check accounts and ask for refund are all with one click

Clear operation manual

If you have any questions about the operation, please click the above file to download, there are complete steps for guidance

The process of opening a store

  • step1


    The store signed a contract with HiTRUSTpay

  • step2


    The store signed with the banks and wait for the qualification

  • step3


    Get started with the payment service